RIM Claims Blackberry Is The UK’s Top Selling Smartphone.

Research in Motion (RIM) has claimed that its Blackberry device was the top selling smartphone of 2010.

According to the company, Blackberry handsets currently hold 28.2 per cent of the market share, outselling all other major manufacturers.

It was revealed by research company GFK that the company had earned a 36 per cent share of the smartphone market in December, whilst becoming the top selling pre-pay device with a 51.1 market share.

RIM’s UK managing director hailed the statistic in The Telegraph, claiming that this proved that the device had moved “from the board room to the sitting room”. He also revealed that a greater number of new customers were younger users and that the Blackberry App Store now includes over 16,000 apps.

“For the last couple of years BlackBerry was traditionally the mobile communications brand for business but we realised a lot of the communication fundamentals for business are relevant to the consumer market too,” Bates said.

Despite its popularity in the UK, Blackberry devices have come under scrutiny in India, where the government is pressuring RIM to hand over encrypted data from Blackberry Corporate email accounts. The government states that the encrypted messages could allow terrorists to communicate undetected.

RIM has repeatedly insisted that that is not possible.