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Samsung Galaxy Tab sales called into question

Samsung's claim to have sold two illion Galaxy Tab devices has been called into question following a financial call with investors.

In September 2010 the Korean company claimed to have 'sold' 600,000 units and reported that figure had risen to two million by the end of the quarter.

As it turns out, those figures represented the number of units shipped to retailers and channel partners rather than the number actually in the hands of paying punters, a figure which is still a mystery.

Samsung says that the quoted numbers were for 'sell-in', a phrase applied to building large amounts of inventory for retailers and distributors, a process known as 'channel stuffing'.

Reports that Samsung exucutive Lee Young-hee described retail sales as "quite small" have recently been refuted by Samsung which claims that the quote was as a result of an eroneous transcription of the conference call, and that what he actually said was that they were "quite smooth".

Confusion over the nature of Samsung's sales of the tablet device was enough to distort market share predictions with some commentators, including us, reporting that Apple's dominance of the sector had been eroded substantially.

The Galaxy Tab has received mixed reviews with most suggesting that it might have been rushed to market in order to undermine the iPad.

Although no firm retail figures have been made public, Samsung has admitted that sales were not "as fast as expected", adding, "The tablet is relatively new and we need to see how the market develops before we give any firm numbers."