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Sony NGP May Not Go Global Until 2012

Sony's latest games console, the Next Generation Portable, may only be available in one territory by the end of the year, according to SCEA President-CEO Jack Tretton.

Speaking to Engadget, he confirmed that the "Holiday 2011" time frame given at the launch of the console could only apply to one country (ed: most possibly Japan).

Tretton said: “I think our goal is always to launch [during the] holidays when the majority of sales are done. You want to have a worldwide simultaneous launch."

He added: “Having said that, this’ll be our sixth platform launch, and it’s very difficult to have the quantities to be able to launch on a worldwide basis on the same date.. I think our goal is, we would get at least one territory out by the end of holiday 2011.”

By the time the NGP reaches the UK, hopefully in the first half of 2012, quad core, quad GPU devices will already be mainstream at the top end of the market with the iPhone 6 (and iPad 3) already in the pipeline.

The successor to the popular PlayStation Portable features some pretty impressive hardware specifications, like a 5-inch OLED capacitive touchscreen with a resolution that almost matches the iPhone 4.

There's also a quad core ARM-based Cortex A9 processor with four GPU cores, which will decrease the cost of manufacture and quicken the time to market.

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