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Sony's PS3 3.56 firmware causing hard drive woes

Sony appears to have scored an own-goal with its latest firmware patch for the PlayStation 3: not only does it fail to patch the flaw in the digital rights management system, but reports are coming in of it causing upgraded hard drives to fail.

The PS3 3.56 update was released by Sony in order to issue a new private key and uninstall the third-party firmware that was released as a result of work carried out by George Hotz and fail0verflow - firmware that allowed illegitimately downloaded games to be played on an otherwise unmodified PS3.

Just a few hours after the update was posted, reports came in that the new key had been cracked in the same way as the old one - but the news gets worse for Sony.

According to multiple reports from users across the world, the latest firmware update doesn't play well with new-model PS3 Slim consoles. Units with upgraded hard disks report that the drive is corrupted, and request that a USB drive with the 3.56 firmware is inserted in order for the drive to be reformatted and repaired.

Sadly, that doesn't appear to work. Instead of a working, albeit blank, hard drive, users who follow the instructions are receiving 'Data Corrupt' errors and being left with unusable consoles.

While the error appears to only be affecting newer models of PS3 Slim, and only those that have had the internal hard drive upgraded to a larger model, it's a blow for Sony - and leaves those affected waiting impatiently for firmware 3.57 to be released.

YouTube user PS3slimComparison has provided a video demonstrating the issue, reproduced below.