Stop Buying Our PCs With Bad Chipsets Begs Intel

Intel has sent an official email, urging its own channel customers to steer clear from systems build using the Intel 6 series chipsets; more specifically, the semiconductor giant wants them to stop building and shipping systems based on the chipsets.

A number of Intel Channel partners received an email from the company which read "Intel Recommends Channel Customers Stop Building and Shipping Systems based on Intel® 6 Series Chipsets, As a result of the design issue recently identified with the Intel® 600 Series Chipset, we are recommending that system builders stop building and shipping systems based on this chipset until additional information becomes available.

If you have already shipped systems to your customers based on the Intel® 6 Series Express Chipset and the C200 chipset and believe you may be affected by this issue, please contact your place of purchase for specific information about next steps. For additional information about the nature of the issue, the cause and scope of the issue, and other general information, click here."

It looks as if Intel is preparing to recall ALL products (motherboard, barebones) based on the Intel 6 series chipsets, one which will leave the promising Sandy Bridge processors without a proper chipset family and may allow AMD to swoop in with its Fusion processor range.