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UK Children Spend 13 Million Collective Hours Online Daily

According to new data from child research company Childwise, Children spend nearly two hours of every day online.

The Childwise annual monitor report asked 2,445 five - 16 year olds from 120 schools about their media usage habits.

According to the Press Association, the findings revealed that children from the UK are spending 36 million hours collectively everyday watching TV or using a computer.

It was also found that 62 per cent of 16 year olds have their own computer, shockingly 24 per cent of children aged five-to-six also have their own computer or laptop.

Half of the children surveyed admitted to having Internet access in their room, whilst 65 per cent go online on most days.

It’s estimated that children in the UK spend 13 million hours on the web everyday.

Margaret Morrissey, a representative of lobby group Parents Outloud, has argued that children are being blamed unnecessarily for their excessive media habits and claimed that the problem is due to a lack of space for outdoor play.

"If we are building houses that are smaller, children are not going to be as physically active. And it is not really possible in this day and age for them to play out in the street on their own," she said.