Amazon To Offer No-limit Online Video Streaming Via Lovefilm?

Amazon has just finalised the purchase of online and postal movie rental service Lovefilm and may be looking to offer unlimited online video streaming to its Prime customers.

Engadget posted a screen capture of what seems to be a new video streaming service which will apparently offer unlimited, commercial free, instant streaming of movies and TV shows to Amazon Prime members.

The resolution will be limited to standard definition, which means that the content may need to be upscaled if watched on a large television set.

Those looking for HD content will have to switch to the Amazon Video on Demand service which is not free. Amazon looks set to take on Netflix whose Watch Instantly service is available in the US for around $96, more than the $79 that an Amazon Prime membership costs.

The same service costs £49 in the UK and gives users free next day delivery on items sold and dispatched by the website. Rolling the service out in the UK will be considerably easier because of the presence of Lovefilm.

Let's see whether Apple may swoop in and buy Netflix in order to compete with Amazon although at an estimated $12 billion, the online video outfit wouldn't come cheap.