Android leads the way as bestselling mobile OS

Market analyst company Canalys has published details from a report stating devices running the Google Android mobile operating system overtook Symbian, as the most widely used platform around.

The Canalys report relates to Q4 of 2010 with the global sales of smart phones, which has revealed that Android shipments reached 32.9 million where Nokia’s Symbian based devices only reached 31.0 million on a worldwide level.

During November to December the smart phone sales on the whole hit 101.2 million units, a rise of 89% compared to the previous year. The final total for the whole year was just below 300 million, with a rise of 80% over 2009.

These results came from companies such as LG, Samsung, Acer and HTC who all produced new handsets to aid this growth, where HTC and Samsung together accounted for nearly 45% of all the Android handset shipments.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) still remained the largest market, with shipments totalling 38.8 million with a growth rate of 90% from 2009. The United States counted as the largest country market, with more than double the sales of China.

The BlackBerry handsets came in first place over Apple, with a number of devices from RIM being launched in 2010 and the possible ‘grip of death’ issue still having an effect on iPhone sales.

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