Anonymous hits Egyptian government sites again

Just hours after the Egyptian government turned the country's Internet back on, shadowy on-line collective Anonymous is doing its best to break it again.

The group has redoubled its efforts to bring down a number of government web sites using distributed denial of servce (DDoS) attacks which flood the target with garbage connections making the servers go into meltdown.

The Ministry of Information's portal at has been down for much of the day, while the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology at seems to have recovered, apparently at the behest of anonymous, according to a recent Tweet.

Anonymous 'members' have found themselves on the wrong end of the law after messing with banks and other financial institutions which had stopped WikiLeaks getting at its cash.

Those involved in the current attacks should be aware that Egyptian Secret Service spooks are more likely to come armed with an AK47 than an arrest warrant and an invitation to a nice warm cell for the night.