Apple seeds third iOS4.3 beta to developers

Apple has released a third beta of iOS 4.3 to developers, fuelling rumours that a public release is imminent.

The release notes provide scant details of changes since the last release - but a few tasty titbits are leaking out onto the Internet, in spite of Apple's prohibitive non-disclosure agreements with developers.

App Advice says it has stumbled across a new feature that allows App downloads to be cut off in their prime. Anyone who has hastily initiated a download only to realise it contains a giant file will be aware of the anguish of having to wait for it to complete. Especially if it is eating into your pathetic data allowance.

iOS 4.3, which is the first iteration of the operating system to leave first-generation iPhones out in the cold, will allow users to enter 'wiggle mode' by holding a downloading App's icon for a second or two, and effectively delete it during the download process.

The beta also still contains APIs for multi-finger gestures, although Apple is still insisting they won't appear in the public release.

Along with the OS beta comes an upgraded SDK and new Apple TV software to allow developers to test AirPlay functionality.

9 to 5 Mac is pointing out that the beta still contains a nasty bug that causes the iPhone's home screen to default to Apple's factory settings - in some circumstances, deleting all of your folders - so there's every likelihood we'll see at least one more beta release before iOS 4.3 is unleashed on the great unwashed.

But with releases coming thick and fast - three in the last four weeks - a public push must be imminent.