The Daily: five things you need to know

Rupert Murdoch today launched a newspaper, The Daily, exclusively for Apple's new-fangled iPad tablet computer, THINQ has heard on the grapevine.

Here are the five essential things you need to know about this landmark in journalism:

1. Launched at 16:00 GMT today, The Daily costs 99 cents a week, $39.99 a year.

2. It has lots of pictures. Some of them offer 360-degree views.

3. The same cannot be said of its political coverage. The Daily's tone is described by Murdoch's News Corp as (cough) "patriotic".

4. It cost $30 million and 100 journalists to produce it, and another $500,000 a week to keep it going. Given the parlous state of the world's finances, we sincerely hope this is money well spent.

5. Oh, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs says it's "really terrific".

Fox News (owned by Mr Murdoch) today broke off its live coverage of potentially world-changing events in Egypt to report on the launch of The Daily's iPad app (also owned by Mr Murdoch).

THINQ, for one, doesn't plan to waste any more time on the matter, and wishes to return to reporting actual, proper news as swiftly as possible.

The End.