Egypt Reconnects To The Internet

Almost a week after the Egyptian government ordered a communications blackout, reports are suggesting that Internet connections within the country have been restored.

The Egyptian government had cut off access to the Internet on 28 January in a effort to quell protests against the rule of President Hosni Mubarak.

According to Renesys, the first sites started to appear back online at around 0930 UTC. The net monitoring firm said that a number of Egyptian sites, including those for the Egyptian Stock Exchange, Commercial International Bank of Egypt, MCDR and the US Embassy in Cairo, are now all up and running.

Google, which can also monitor global Internet traffic, later confirmed the news via Twitter.

"Good news: Internet access being restored in Egypt," it said.

The news follows a speech by Mubarak on Tuesday, in which he detailed his intention not to stand at the next election in September and pledged constitutional reform.