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Jerusalem blasted by Unidentified Flying Lights

There's some crazy stuff goes on over here in Jerusalem, where I've been stationed for a few months now.

As a relative outsider - the only goy in the village - you can't help but be struck by some of the goings on here.

But recent events have taken an even more mysterious turn. The following videos all purport to have been shot at the same time - at around 1am on January 28th 2011. They all show a bright light descending on the Dome of the Rock inside the Al Aqsa mosque compound which houses the third holiest site in Islam, from which Mohammad is said to ascended to heaven on a horse.

The golden-topped Dome of the Rock happens to cover the rock where Abraham is said to have prepared to sacrifice his 'most favoured son' until God, having witnessed the man's faith, supplied him with a ram instead. The plaza is also the former location of the Second Temple, the holiest site in Judaism, which was sacked by the Romans in AD70.

The light hovers over the holy complex for about 15 seconds before emitting a great flash and hurtling upwards at a rapid pace. There are at least four separate videos of the event, all of have been posted separately on YouTube, the last one tipping up today.

Whatever's going on, they're worth watching...

Video 1

Video 2 Which shows a second view added to view 1.

Video 3

Video 4

There are plenty of comments on the YouTube pages showing how some of these may have been faked, but that spoils all the fun. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.