More About Speak-To-Tweet From Google & Twitter

Google and Twitter have teamed up to deliver Speak-to-Tweet and have made sure that it is as simple as possible to use, thanks to technology Google obtained through its acquisition last week of Saynow.

There are three international phone numbers, +16504194196 (USA) or +390662207294 (Italy) or +97316199855 (Bahrain). Users can just leave a voicemail that will be saved as a file that can be played back on Saynow.

The system tags the voicemails according to the country of origin; most of them are originate from Egypt with a few coming from Turkey, Netherlands and even the British Virgin Islands.

It also appears to be rejecting silent calls (at least based on our experience); users will be able to dial in to listen to the message or by going to

Note that you should be able to make free calls to the USA phone number using Google's own Voice phone functionality in Gmail.

At the time of writing nearly 700 tweets have been recorded with more than 7700 followers with each Tweet recording on average 100 clicks; Google has chosen to use rather than its own URL shortening service.