Mozy Cans Unlimited Cloud Storage Service In US

In a move that's reminiscent of what's happening with internet service providers and net-neutrality, Mozy, the world's largest online storage provider for the consumer market, said that it will now cap the amount of storage offered to its one million or so users.

The company blamed the 10 per cent of so called power users who apparently stored everything online and consumed huge amount of online storage and bandwidth.

The only storage company reckons that this minority consumes as much storage space and bandwidth as the rest of its consumers put together.

Mozy is now charging $5.95, rather than $4.95 per month, for the first 50GB of storage capacity and $9.99 for up to 125GB worth of online storage and sharable across three computers.

In addition, users wanting to add more computers or capacity will have to pay $2 a month per computer or for an additiona 20GB of extra storage. A spokesperson for the company said that Mozy wanted to make the incremental cost of adding a computer less than it was previously.

That said, Mozy has yet to roll out its new pricing structure in the UK; it is still giving out free 2GB accounts to compete with the likes of Dropbox and charges £4.99 for "unlimited data.