News Corp’s The Daily To Launch Later Today

News Corp’s iPad only newspaper, The Daily, is set to debut in an event at the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York later today.

Originally set to be joined by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who has had to drop out due to illness, News Corp chairman Richard Murdoch will instead share the stage with Apple vice president for Internet services Eddy Cue for the launch.

Murdoch’s "No. 1 most exciting project" is expected to cost 99 cents (60p) per week and will only be available through Apple’s iTunes platform.

According to CNN, the e-paper is set to feature exclusive news content, photos and video, as well as offers full integration with Twitter so that tweets relating to a specific story are embedded into some articles.

There will also be a selection of games, such as crosswords and sudoku puzzles, and a separate section for weather.

The Daily will initially only be available in the US.