Ofcom Allows Mobile Operators To Trade Spectrum

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has announced plans to allow mobile operators to trade radio spectrum in order to improve services for consumers.

In a statement on Wednesday, Ofcom said that spectrum at 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz could be traded to help operators cope with the ever increasing demand for mobile broadband and improve efficiency.

"Over the past two decades, mobile phone companies have acquired blocks of licensed spectrum," Ofcom said. "Not all operators hold the same amount of spectrum, and the level of demand for mobile services also differs from area to area."

Ofcom said that it will now oversee the trading and holds the right to refuse sale to maintain competition in the market.

“This is an important milestone in the modernisation of spectrum management in the UK. It comes in response to the fast pace of change and innovation taking place in the mobile communications sector, which is placing increased demands on spectrum," Ofcom Chief Executive Ed Richards said.

"One important way of meeting this demand is making the acquisition of spectrum as flexible as possible.”