Picture Of iPad 2 Screen Pops Up Online

The first image of what seems to be an iPad 2 LCD screen that has apparently been sourced from China has appeared online.

9to5Mac teamed up with a US repair shop called iFixyouri to acquire the component and although they could not confirm that the resolution was indeed higher (remember the retina display rumours?), they reckon that the build quality is much higher than the previous one.

It is lighter and thinner than the one on the iPad with a much smaller frame as well, which may mean that the iPad 2 will have a smaller bezel.

9to5mac has also published a number of closeup pictures on its website including a very interesting one which focuses on the barcode and the serial number.

One commenter pointed out that the marking (LP)097×02 SLN1 on the screen means that it is a LG Philips 9.7-inch XGA H-IPS display with the N1 possibly indicating a first generation model.