Police.uk finally up after disastrous launch

The UK crime maps mash-up appears to have recovered from its disastrous launch, becoming one of the most popular government websites in history - and finally working as advertised.

The site, which takes police force data on reported crimes and places it onto Google Maps, allows users to look up crime in their local areas - as well as see a nice picture of their local policing force.

As soon as the site launched yesterday, it went down - and hard. Demand for the service, hosted at Police.uk, skyrocketed as every man, woman, and child in the UK competed to find the most crime-ridden area - or used it to look down their noses at relatives and colleagues who lived in dodgy locales.

According to figures released by the Home Office, at its peak the site was seeing 300,000 hits every minute - equivalent to a whopping 18 million an hour. Clearly, that's a lot of traffic - and judging by the performance of the site, significantly more than its designers had anticipated.

Thankfully, more coal has been shoved onto the fire and the site is now fully operational, allowing users to enter location names or post codes and see the amount - and type - of crime in that area.

To try it yourself, head over to www.police.uk - but don't all rush at once, eh?