Police.uk Website Attracts 18m Visits An Hour

The UK police crime map website, which is located at www.police.uk, has apparently become the most popular government website ever after hitting a whopping 5000 hits per second or 18 million an hour.

This means that for a few hours at least, the website was the most visited in the UK, possibly outclassing Facebook and Twitter in its wake.

The Home Office published the statistics on its official Twitter account and added that the crime maps were getting 1250 hits per seconds only hours earlier.

Not surprisingly, the launch of the website was marred by some glitches; a quiet street in Portsmouth was labelled as one of the most violent streets in the United Kingdom.

The site reported that there were more than four crimes every day in December alone. The street is only just longer than a football pitch and locals were flabbergasted to hear that their neighbourhood was a crime hotspot.