Rumour: Google to launch Android app store on web

Later today Google will unveil its tablet-centric operating system Android 3.0 Honeycomb but rumour has it the search engine giant has a few unexpected tricks up its sleeve.

Android and Me says it has been having a dig around and has unearthed some information from regular sources who are predicting that Google will also announce the launch of a web-based app store for the Android platform.

Google first mentioned that it was working on the download portal in May last year and the finished product is said to be "on par with that of the Apple App Store or even better.”

The site also suggest that Google could be launching a music-streaming service which would allow multiple devices access to the same music library, something Apple has often been rumoured to be working on but which has never materialised.

Until now, Android users have had to download apps direct to their handsets. Apple fans are still tied to iTunes when it comes to getting apps onto their iDevices but they have the option of browsing app offerings on the web before being passed over to iTunes for the installation.

The Android Market hasn't exactly lived up to expectations with Apple still reportedly cornering an eye-watering 99.4 per cent of all app downloads, according to this intriguing infographic: