Apple iOS 4.3 Beta 3 Points To iPad 2 With HD Video, Camera & New IO

An in-depth analysis of the newly released iOS 4.3 Beta 3 by web developer Chris Galzerano has shown that there will be three iPad models on the market.

Labelled iPad2.1, iPad2.2 and iPad2.3 respectively, the names are thought to be referring to the Wi-Fi, 3G GSM/UMTS and 3G CDMA models that have been rumoured to appear as early as the beginning of March.

Galzerano also notes that the list files contain direct references to 720p (HD ready), a magnetometer or digital compass and a DisplayPort, which is the video output system used by Apple across its Mac range.

There's also a direct reference to a three megapixel camera as well as the device's ability to record video footage in VGA, 720p and iFrame, which is a new video form factor with a resolution of 960x540 - exactly a quarter of full HD and is supported by the iPhone 4 with a 50px black rectangle at the top and bottom of the screen.