Brit hacks Zynga, plunders £7.4m in poker chips

A British hacker admitted stealing 400 billion poker chips from games developer Zynga after gaining access to the company's servers

The chips were estimated to be worth around £7.4 million in real money.

Ashley Mitchell, 29, of Paignton, Devon pleaded guilty to hacking the servers and pinching the chips, the South Devon Herald Express reports.

Mitchell managed to sell around a third of his haul, Exeter Crown Court heard on Tuesday, earning him about £53,000.

Prosecutor Gareth Evans said: "The defendant sold around one third of the 400 billion poker chips and looking at the auction history where one can purchase such items he was selling them for around £430 per billion.

"By my reckoning the total value if sold on the black market of the 400 billion was in the region of £184,000," the prosecutor argued.

Mitchell pleaded guilty to four counts of converting criminal property and one count of unauthorised access to a computer with intent to commit and offence.

The hacker had form, as he earned 40-week suspended in 2008 for hacking into the Torbay Council web site and changing his personal details, netting himself £3,498.

Judge Philip Wassall said it was 'inevitable' that Mitchell would serve a custodial sentence this time around. He was remanded until a future date.