Bulletstorm Devs Mock Call Of Duty With Duty Calls

Epic Games has outed its new PR campaign to drum up interest in the upcoming first person shooter Bulletstorm, set to be released later this month.

Mercilessly tearing into the over-saturated FPS genre, Duty Calls: The Calm Before The Storm seems to have only one aim in mind - to remind gamers that war-shooters are, frankly, boring.

A fully-fledged game, Duty Calls is a suitably unsubtle parody of the increasingly dry and repetitive Call of Duty (CoD) franchise.

The humour is, at best, silly, and we can imagine it getting a bit samey after the first run through, but its about time someone took a shot at the CoD series, which has done little more than rehash and repackage Modern Warfare for its last three games.

A must for those who still labour under the misapprehension that CoD games are actually good, the 700 MB game is available as a free download from its website now. Try it.