Nokia mobile phone charger cycles into town

Finnish fone manufacture Nokia has brought out a handset charger with a difference; it’s attached to a bike.

The DC-14 Nokia Bike Charger works in much the same way as a dynamo operates in order to power a cycles’ lights, only this is used to power a Nokia mobile phone instead.

Nokia’s bike charger was originally aimed towards developing world countries, where now this ego friendly charger can be purchased from Nokia’s own on-line store for just £25.

Cycling at 12 km/h or 7.45 mph powers a phone and as efficiently as the regular mains charger, only without a cost being uncured as the cyclist charges a mobile for free.

DC-14 is said to be easy to install, whilst durable, dirt and weather resistant and can be used all year round and in all types of conditions.

In the packaging there is also the Nokia phone holder for bicycles, which allows for their handset to be attached to a bike where Ovi maps could also be used for navigation purposes or for the phone to be run as a speedometer.

The device can be used currently to charge many Nokia mobile phones, with the list currently standing at: Nokia N8, C7, C6-01, C3-01 , C5-03, N900, X3-02 and the Nokia C6.

Nokia Bike Charger

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