Reddit gets a billion hits a month

Barking mad news site Reddit has just announced a new milestone in its history, and it's all down to a punctuation mark. Well, sort of.

Reddit is a bit hard to explain but if you think about it as a giant bookmarks bar populated by like-minded people with nothing better to do than bimble about on the Internet, you won't be too far wide of the mark.

The outfit, which has only been going since 2005 and is currently owned by posh publisher Condé Nast, announced yesterday that it managed to get a billion page views in a month.

"Our monthly Google Analytics page has a new comma that we'd like to show off," crows the official blog post.

Reddit reckons it has joined an exclusive club of around 100 sites with that kind of clout and singles out and Fox News as just two who haven't quite jammed their corporate feet in that particular door.

If you're not familiar with Reddit's content, the recipient of the billionth hit might give you some idea.

Random is a word that immediately springs to mind.