Acer To Offer Sandy Bridge Replacement

Acer has confirmed that it will "fully support" its customers and end-users to deal with Intel's Sandy Bridge chipset issues in a statement that the company sent yesterday.

The announcement came after Lenovo, Dell and HP all confirmed that they will be recalling products based on the Intel series 6 chipset for free and have already stopped shipping products based on it.

Acer said that it will take all "necessary steps to minimize any inconvenience customers might experience" and that includes allowing the user to "swap their affected PC with another Acer product of comparable performance" free of charge.

The company is working on a website that will allow customers to find out whether their product has been affected by the issue; another free option is to use Acer's ability to "service the defective unit".

This will "minimize any inconvenience associated with the need to backup and restore user data, as well as to re-install all applications"; the issue though means that you may need to live without a PC for some time.

The chipset, nicknamed Cougar Point and powers P67 and H67 motherboards, was recalled by Intel on the 31st of January and could potentially affect the performance of storage devices found on some SATA ports.