Anonymous turns cannon on Yemen

The hive mind behind online activist group Anonymous has turned its attention towards Yemen as part of its war against Internet censorship.

Following its attacks on government websites in Tunisia and Egypt, the loose-knit band of cyber revolutionaries have attacked the website of Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh in support of the anti-government protests sweeping across the country.

Using distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, Anonymous last month shut down sites belonging to the Tunisian government, and earlier this week hit those of Egypt's ruling party and the Ministry of Information.

Speaking to AFP, PandaLabs technical director Luis Corrons said that Anonymous ‘members’ feel they need to support the people in their calls for political and social reform.

"It is a worldwide thing," Corrons told AFP. "They think the goal is obtaining freedom for those countries."

The BBC reports that Anonymous’ decision to wade into Middle East politics has worried security experts like Sophos’ Graham Cluley, who is warning people of the risks in participating in the cyber attacks.

Only last week five men were arrested in connection with previous web attacks carried out by Anonymous on the sites of Mastercard, PayPal, Amazon and others.

"If you participate in these attacks, you are knowingly engaging in a cyber crime," Cluley warned.