Apple iPad 2 Spotted At The Daily Launch

The iPad 2 has apparently been seen at the launch of the new digital newspaper, The Daily, by a "Reuters Eyewitness".

The news outlet, which has seldom delved into rumour before, says that its eyewitness "saw" what appeared to be a functional device complete with a front facing camera at the top edge of the glass screen.

The eyewitness must have been pretty close in order to see what essentially is a tiny hole sitting atop of a black glossy frame.

Another source to Reuters confirmed that the device does indeed exist and that it will have two cameras, putting it on equal footing with the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch.

The iPad was launched back in April 2010 and managed to sell more than 14 million units in less than eight months; a number which could have been higher had Apple had enough manufacturing bandwidth.

We reported yesterday that the company is eyeing the business segment for the iPad 2 and has teamed up with SCC to help it push its next generation tablet as well as accompanying services.