Copy and paste coming to Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has announced that copy-and-paste functionality is finally coming to the mobile OS.

The ability to easily manipulate chunks of text and was conspicuous by its absence from the launch release of the long-awaited operating system as Microsoft failed to learn lessons from Apple, which made a similar omission when it first launched iOS.

In an official Microsoft blog post, the software giant suggests that the basic function will appear in a future update but refuses to offer a firm date, only going so far as to suggest it will happen 'over the next few months'.

It looks like the addition will work in much the same way as Apple's system, where users tap on a word in a block of text, use grab handles to expand the number of words selected, then hit copy to save the text to a temporary pasteboard. The saved copy can then be dropped into any other application which supports copy and paste.

Microsoft also says it has given apps a speed boost with faster boot and resume-from-sleep times and has given the app Marketplace a lick of paint, with better filtering on searches.

We know it's all a bit vague, but Windows 7 phones automatically alert users when system updates are available, unless notifications are turned off.