The Daily gets a cross-platform, free index

Murdoch's digital newspaper app for the iPad, The Daily, hasn't even made it to the end of its first week and already someone has found a way to replicate the content for free, in any browser.

Our collective opinion on The Daily, which is a propaganda sheet for Murdoch's right-wing interests that updates once a day despite being on an Internet-connected device, is well known - but if you fancy reading it anyway, you can put your wallet away.

Although the meat of The Daily exists in its subscription-based iPad app, the rag also has an associated website that contains copies of the articles for when users want to share content via e-mail. To prevent people just browsing the articles for free, Murdoch's team of web goblins have opted for security by obscurity: there's no homepage offering an index of articles, meaning the only way to find them is via the iPad app.

Well, almost. Hacker Andy Baio has created what Murdoch appears to have deliberately neglected: The Daily: Indexed, a site that offers a fully clickable index of articles in today's edition.

There's no denying that the site isn't as visually impressive as the iPad app, but it's also free and cross-platform - a major boon if you absolutely must read the thing.

"The Daily's publishing free, web-based versions to every article, but without an index, it's very inconvenient to find or link to individual articles from the web," Baio explained. "Since the iPad app appears to only carry today's edition, it makes finding any historical articles you've paid for nearly impossible."

Discussing the legal ramifications of his creation, Baio claimed: "Frankly, I'm also very curious about the legal implications. My understanding is that linking to public news articles is unquestionably legal, and I believe that right should never be discouraged."

Despite Baio's confidence as to his legal immunity over the linking, which doesn't replicate any content from within the articles, the site is likely to start receiving interest from Murdoch's lawyers sooner rather than later - so check it out before it disappears forever.