Free Daily iPad Newspaper : Murdoch's Love Hate Relationship With Google

The Daily is an interesting example of the conflicting relationship the world of traditional press with Rupert Murdoch at its helm has with search engines and social networking websites.

For those not in the know, The Daily is available for free - in its entirety - on the daily's website, the problem is that you can't get an index for it, a problem that has been solved by a developer called Andy Baio who created an index for The Daily.

Baio points to the comments made by the Daily's editor-in-chief, Jesse Angelo, during the press conference where he said that the HTML version of The Daily is there on the web, it can be searched and you can find it out but not from

More explicitly, he mentioned the "billions" of people sharing content on the web and that "how keen they wanted to be part of that". This is a totally different scenario to the antagonistic approach Murdoch preached last year against search engines (and Google in particular).

This also very different from the strategy adopted by The Times newspaper, another property of Murdoch, which put up a paywall last year and is charging £1 for the first 30 days access on the website; in comparison, the Daily costs $39.99 for a year in comparison.

In reality, Google still remains a very important partner albeit a cumbersome one; a quick look at the Clickstream for thedaily from site analytics shows that Google brought ALL the unique visitors that visited the online version of the Daily.