Google maps checks in

Internet search engine giant Google now allows for checking in to actual locations from their mobile Mapping software, in much the same way as Facebook Places only with automatic check-ins instead of manual ones.

Google latitude inside of Google maps is used by 10 million people each month, where the new Android version can now check in to an actual location for the first time. Previously, just a general location could only be added and specifics to the location can now be used.

Once checked into that location Google latitude recognises the location and the next time the place is visited, the software automatically checks in – without any manual location resolution needed, unlike Facebook Places and Four Square.

Notifications are presented by the latitude function in regards to the present location recognised by Google maps, in much the same way as email and text message notifications are presented by Android.

Besides just automatically updating and sharing locations on an opt-in basis, user generated content can also be added such as a picture taken, with a caption.

Google is also working on another feature for a later update to the software, history. This is where a complete history can be seen of the locations checked-in and from a computer too.

These new abilities will be available for Android 1.6 onwards, with plans to bring the automatic check-in function to the iPhone version soon.

Check out the video below for a brief walk through of Google Maps 5.1 features.

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