Nintendo working on Mario Bros game for 3DS

Nintendo has confirmed that it is working on a Super Mario Bros game for the 3DS.

It's certainly no surprise that the portly plumber will make an appearance on the dual-screen 3D-toting handset, as he is probably the Japanese gaming giant's most reliable cash cow, having led the charge on every Nintendo console since the NES launched in 1983.

According to the International Business Times (a hotbed of gaming news if ever we've seen one) the game's designer Shigeru Miyamoto let slip that he was working on the title during a conversation with the developers of the original Super Mario Brothers game.

We're not quite sure how Miyamato will bring a third dimension to the most famous 2D sideways-scrolling platform game ever made, as any attempt to mess too much with the basic nature of the game will bring forth howls of derision from Mario purists the world over. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Closer to home, if you can't wait another month to get your hands on Nintendo's glasses-free 3D hand-held, and you're within striking distance of London or Manchester, two special preview events have been set up for tomorrow at which you can be the first people in the UK to experience the console's lenticular 3D action.

Numbers are limited and you'll need to sign up here to get in on the action.


Blimey that was quick! Since we started writing this article the London venue has filled up... so it's Manchester or nowt as the locals might say.