Sainsbury's offers cheapest Nintendo 3DS deal yet

The war over pre-order pricing for Nintendo's highly anticipated 3DS hand-held console has begun, with supermarket Sainsbury's becoming the first to offer the device for under £200 - albeit only just.

The company's entertainment division has announced a pre-order offer for Nintendo's glasses-free 3D console which makes it the current best buy around: £199 nabs you a console plus 1,000 Nectar points for card holders.

The move puts Sainsbury's into the lead, beating rival chain Asda by a scant £3 - but, more importantly, placing the device below the all-important £200 threshold, making it a much more tempting offer psychologically.

Pre-orders open in 300 of the company's biggest stores nationwide today, while those who prefer to do their spending in comfort are able to put their money down via the company's web site.

The company has stated that the offer will last until its launch allocation of devices runs out - but has yet to offer an indication of how many Nintendo has set aside, so if you want to guarantee yourself a console it's an idea to plonk a pre-order down.

Alternatively, hang fire and see what the other supermarket chains have to say in response - because as previous product launches have shown us, this sort of thing usually devolves into a loss-leader war pretty quickly.