Surgery Simulator heading to PCs this month

If you've always wanted to slice people up and peer inside, you either want to be a serial killer or a surgeon. Assuming it's the latter, the latest release from Excalibur Games might be of interest: Surgery Simulator.

The newest title to come from the studio that brought us such classics as Farming Simulator and Garden Simulator, Surgery Simulator sees PC gamers don digital masks and simulated scrubs in order to have a poke around inside a variety of electronic patients.

The title promises eight 'authentically recreated' surgical procedures, including such exciting tasks as simulating the treatment of infected gall bladders, varicose veins, and the repair of at least one hernia.

To be fair to the company, some of the other tasks - including an 'authentically simulated' appendectomy and emergency surgery following a road traffic accident - are a bit more impressive-sounding, but can the game rise above its origins as a digital version of popular nose-lighting boardgame Operation?

To tempt you into a purchase, the studio has included a raft of equipment to help you slice and dice those lucky patients, including scalpels, clamps, compresses, needles, sutures, and all the electronics a modern hospital has to offer.

If you're convinced, the title is launching on the 25th of February at a recommended retail price of £24.99.