Will Honeycomb Supplant Gingerbread On Smartphones?

Google has yet to officially confirm that Honeycomb, Android 3.0, will not be available on touchscreen smartphones leaving it wide open to speculations that the tablet-optimised operating system might come to other form factors soonish.

Honeycomb is already set to launch on the LG G-Slate and the Motorola Xoom tablets but the shared DNA of Gingerbread and Honeycomb means that there must only be one surviving operating system.

Furthermore, two senior Google staff have been publicly saying slightly contradictory things regarding Honeycomb; Google' Head of Mobile, Hugo Barra, told Gigaom that the company will be working on bringing honeycomb to mobile phones while Andrew Kovacs, Senior Manager, Communications and Public Affairs at Google, stressed that Honeycomb is exclusively for tablets right now on PCMag.

The preview SDK emulator however is unambiguous, according to Engadget; it is possible to change the default setting from WXGA to WVGA which is the kind of resolution you encounter on most modern smartphones with a screen size above 3-inch.

Once in WVGA mode, the lock screen goes back to its old format with the Honeycomb status bar making way for a more traditional Gingerbread-lile status bar. The real question therefore is when will Google be releasing a single Android version that supports smartphones and tablets from day one.