4 Things To Improve In Google Art Project

The Google Art Project is an inspiring new venture by Google and has already been praised for its refreshing approach to art discovery, one which opens the doors to many popular art museums worldwide.

Perhaps one of the most popular suggestions to improve the service is to increase the number of museums which are enlisted in the project.

There are currently 17 museums with hundreds of artworks but most of them are based in Europe and the United States; it would be great to include more museums, especially those dealing in alternative, fringe and niche segments from other countries.

Improving the user interface will also be welcomed as well; The menu only allows museums to be accessed, you cannot for example browse by timeframe, artists, genre or geography.

We'd also like to have a site wide search engine functionality; search is currently limited to the museums themselves. Furthermore, there is no full screen version which would allow you to view the paintings without the taskbar or the menu.

The closest thing to it is the F11 button on most browsers which toggle full screen. Enhance mobile user experience as well; the fact that the site uses Flash is a turn-off for many iOS and Safari users (iPhone, iPad and MacOS in general). In addition, trying to access the site through the Apple iPhone 4 brings up a close up of a painting with no indication of what to do next.

It has also been suggested that Google adds a user generated content layer to its in-museum pictures which would allow users to discuss about the paintings and the art objects directly on the website. The tagging system, for example, could benefit from the input of its visitors.