ACS Law UK & MediaCAT Go Titsup, Cease Trading

MediaCat, the company which has been vilified for sending thousands of letters to customers of internet service providers suspected of illegal filesharing, has shut down together with ACS:law, its law firm.

The BBC reports that both entities have been completely shut down and Andrew Crossley, the head of the law firm, confirmed the decision after resigning during a court hearing.

There is speculation that this was motivated by the forthcoming judgement, viewed by many as critical, which ACS:Law was likely to lose.

Even then, James bench of BeingThreatened noted that “ACS:Law was not a limited company in any sense. Mr Crossley will remain entirely and personally liable for all the actions of his firm.”

The hearing was part of a case pitting MediaCAT against 27 suspected illegal file-sharers but Judge Birss QC refused a motion to drop the cases altogether last month.

ACS:Law sent "letters before action" to thousands of customers threatening legal action if they did not pay a £500 fine for downloading illegal content.

The fact that many of them were not event aware of what file sharing was prompted consumer association Which? to wage a campaign against ACS:Law, one which also showed that the law firm pocketed nearly 66p out of every £1 collected.