Asus To Disrupt iPad 2 Launch With 3D Android Tablet?

Jooney Shih, the chairman of computer giant Asustek Computer, hinted at a secret weapon which it says will be unveiled when the time is right to counteract the iPad 2 which is likely to come out in the next few weeks.

Speaking to IDG News Service, Shih said that the secret weapon hasn't been shown at Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which means that it is unlikely to be one of the four new tablets it announced back in January (ed : none of them will go on sale before the second half of the year anyway).

He added that it will be shown closer to the launch time; the fact that he immediately preceded this statement by saying that they carefully choose their tablet processor (the Nvidia Tegra 2), leaves us to believe that Asus might announce a Nvidia Tegra 2.5 tablet, one which supports 3D.

This is further supported by the fact that he pointed to 3D with the glasses as being the trend that will fail this year adding that "Maybe it is possible in smaller devices and without wearing glasses".

Shih didn't say whether the component or tablet would be released before the iPad 2 or after it; he did dwell a lot on personal cloud computing which may mean that the secret weapon will be related to some service like Mobileme or