Digital TV’s At Risk Of Virus Infection Warns OBS

The latest generation of TVs and set-top boxes are at risk of being infected by viruses, digital TV specialist Ocean Blue Software (OBS) reckons.

According to OBS, unless manufacturers take steps to offer in-built protection, the majority of current Internet-enabled TVs and set-top boxes will be exposed to new forms of virus never before associated with the devices.

“Almost any TV-based product with a processor, enough memory and an Internet connection is at risk,” said founder and CEO of OBS Ken Helps.

In the past, TVs and set-top boxes would only receive new software updates over the air - a method controlled entirely by the broadcasters, he said. But now most of these devices come connected to the Internet and equipped with built-in web browsers, allowing owners to “potentially download anything”.

“TVs do not have sufficient power to run full Anti-Virus (AV) protection,” Helps added.

For protection, OBS suggests that the TVs may need to connect to a cloud-based anti-virus service to scan all downloads before they reach the device, getting round power issues and ensuring that protection stays up to date.