More Retailers Offering Nintendo 3DS For Less Than £200

It didn't take that long for the price of the Nintendo 3DS, the first mass produced 3D gaming console, to fall below the £200 price barrier.

Sainsbury has dropped the price of the console to less than £200 and will give 1000 free Nectar points (redeemable against £10 at Amazon).

Dixons (with a £10 deposit) and Shopto are the other two players selling the Nintendo 3DS for under £200. Play and Amazon are still holding it to £202 while the rest of the bigger players like Asda, Zavvi or Game are selling it for £217 or more.

The gaming console had a suggested retail price of £230 when it initially launched and the fact that its price fell so quickly ahead of its UK debut on the 25th of March is not good news, given that the Nintendo Wii or the various DS consoles did not require a price cut to sell well.

Asda is also selling 3DS games for £29.91 which is significantly less than the recommended retail price of £39.99.