Nasdaq outfit regularly hacked - report

'Hackers' have repeatedly gained access to the computers belonging to the company that runs the Nasdaq Stock Market', the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the report, attacks on the company's servers have been taking place over the past year but investigators are still scratching their heads trying to work out what the attackers have been up to.

Sources ays the exchange's trading platform hasn't yet been compromised, but its not too difficult to guess what the perps may have been up to.

Investigators have a list of three possibles: fiddling for an earner, nicking trade secrets, or bringing the whole shebang down in what the Journal categorises as a 'national security threat'.

"So far, [the penetrators] appear to have just been looking around," one un-named source reportedly said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now having a good poke around. Naturally we wish them luck.