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Nokia E7 Goes On Sale In April

A number of online retailers have already posted the Nokia E7 smartphone with the earliest shipping date listed as the 7th of March 2011 which is a better indication than Vodafone's "Coming Soon" sign.

Expansys has the cheapest selling price for the Nokia E7 at £495 which includes free delivery; you will have to wait until the 12th of April though to get your hands on the handset. Clove Technology also lists the E7 sa coming in April 2011 adding that official price and availability need to be confirmed.

The phone is the right heir to Nokia's popular Business Communicator range and has a solid aluminium body with a massive 4-inch capacitive touchscreen; the phone's unique selling point though has to be the QWERTY keyboard that only lacks a separate row for number keys.

Some have noted that the tilt screen is at the perfect angle for typing and business users will love the fact that you can connect the phone via a HDMI port to a HDTV or a projector with the appropriate connector.

And you won't be craving for more storage capacity as the phone comes with 16GB internal memory and a microSD card which can house a 32GB microSD card. Add in Nokia's newest OS, Symbian^3 and the eight megapixel camera and you have a very decent smartphone.