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Verizon Sells Out On iPhone 4 In Two Hours

Verizon Wireless has revealed that it has manage to sell out on the CDMA iPhone 4 smartphone just two hours after the handset went on sale.

The US mobile phone operator said that this was its most successful first day sales ever with more phones sold than at any other time in the history of the company.

Given that the orders were taken between 3AM and 5AM in the US, it is a rather remarkable feat especially when you consider that the preorders were for existing, rather than new customers.

Verizon Wireless did not say how many phones were actually sold but given that it has more than 94 million customers and has had its fair share of popular (Android) smartphones, it must have flogged quite a few.

We are surprised that despite the launch of the iPhone 5 being only a few months away (6/6/11) and that quite a few great Android handsets are going to launch in a few weeks, Apple can still sell massive numbers using a phone that came out several months ago.