Apple To Get An iPad 2 Stylus Pen Accessory?

News has emerged about a new patent that was granted to Apple and which may provide the iPad 2 with a new Stylus pen which could benefit graphic designers and those looking for alternative input peripherals.

PatentlyApple points to the document which shows that Apple is working on a new kind of stylus that uses a conductive disk located at the end of the stylus and a pivoting head.

Apart from creative uses, the stylus may also be used for gaming too and as an old fashioned pen, one that may be used with Apple's own Ink Engine technology.

Some artists including those at Net Communities, the publishers of, have been very receptive and supportive to this idea, saying that they would love to see such a product coming to life.

HP unveiled a new WebOS-based graphics tablet device called the Digital Sketch, one which comes with a three-button Stylus and it is likely that the new input accessory will allow designers to use an iPad 2 as a digitizing tablet.