Welcome to your new-look thinq_

Welcome to your new-look thinq_

thinq_ is just over a year old - and it's been some year. The site has risen from humble beginnings to become one of the top-ranked tech news sites in the country.

Its mix of news and analysis mixed with some sturdy comment and superb writing has found an immediate audience.

Readers have noted that its take-no-prisoners approach to news writing is old-school style, based on the notion that journalism means chipping away to undercover the truth. And, in a world of increasingly homogenised media, one in which the same old company statements are churned out as news, the web-savvy have been quick to notice the difference a bit of thinqing makes.

Now, we are pleased to unveil your new-look thinq_ - a look designed to better reflect the quality of our offering.

We've gone for a cleaner design, one inspired by old-fangled print media - there's nothing like a good, old-fashioned news paper after all - but here you'll get what a newspaper can't offer - immediacy. And we pay homage to the mouse wheel, a nifty invention that makes scrolling up and down the page to find the stories that most interest you a doddle.

thinq_ is staffed by a team of experienced, techie journalists, something we've tried to reflect in the new logo. Nothing like a command-line interface to help you get to the root of things. We come at things from the user's perspective, an attitude you'll find reflected in our editorial style.

The new look will also usher in new functionality which will be introduced over the coming weeks and months, as our coding geniuses attempt to please our cantankerous team of curmudgeonly hacks.

Beauty is only skin deep, of course, and scratch the surface and underneath you'll find our brand of hard-hitting editorial - which has made us one of the fastest-growing sites in this corner of the web - unchanged. In fact you'll find there will be more of this, as we extend and deepen our coverage over the coming months.

We hope you like the new look - we're honoured to have you along for the ride.