Debian 6.0 'Squeeze' OS Released

The Debian open source project has released the Debian 6 'Squeeze' operating system after two years in development.

In a blog post, the Debian Project said that the new operating system will be available in two versions: Debian GNU/Linux and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD.

Debian 6 Squeeze comes with KDE Plasma Desktop and Applications, the GNOME, Xfce, and LXDE desktop environments, along with a variety of server applications.

The organisation said that the operating system will support a total of nine computer architectures, including the Intel i386, amd64, powerpc, sparc, ia64 and armel. The Debian GNU/kFreeBSD will be available as either a 32-bit or 64-bit version.

The operating system will also come with 10,000 new software packages including Google Chrome, Icinga and Software Center.

“With this broad selection of packages, Debian once again stays true to its goal of being the universal operating system. It is suitable for many different use cases: from desktop systems to netbooks; from development servers to cluster systems; and for database, web or storage servers,” the organisation said.