Google Wants To Avoid Lengthy EU Competition Probe

Outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt has said that Google wants to avoid a long-running competition probe from EU regulators.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Schmidt said that the company is hoping to avoid a long-running legal battle with European regulators.

Back in November, a number of Google's European rivals had complained to the EU about the search giant, claiming that it was abusing its dominant position in the market to promote its own web services over others.

“We certainly want to avoid that. I think it is in our interests and I would hope in their interests to a do a quick analysis of concerns that have been raised by competitors, hopefully they are minor or they are not correct,” Schmidt told the paper.

He added that the company will make sure that it is operating both within the law and in the "true spirit" of the law.

Schmidt is set to be replaced by Google co-founder Larry Page as company CEO in April.