Greenpois0n Unleashes iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak For Windows

Chronic Dev Team has announced a new version of its greenpois0n, version 1.0 RC5, a tiny 470KB file that will provide an untethered jailbreak, one that allow you to switch off and on your iOS device without having to restart it.

All three main iOS platforms can be jailbroken; iPod Touch (except the first generation), iPad, iPhone (except 3G and 2G). The developers say that the Verizon iPhone 4 may be hacked as well although they did not test it.

They did also add that Apple TV 2 will be supported in a soon-to-come RC6; the only prerequisite for the Jailbreaking process is to have iOS 4.2.1 installed on the target iOS device, otherwise, it is advisable that the user upgrades to the latest iOS using iTunes.

The Chronic Dev Team also adds that user will need to have TinyUmbrella if they want to keep their SIM Unlock; apart from the fact that you only need Windows XP, it should be a rather straight forward operation.

Linux users will have to wait for their turn though as Greenpois0n is only available for Mac and Windows (ed : they will probably opt for Android anyway); enjoy this iteration whilst you can as iOS 4.3 is likely to close this loophole.